We are responsible for the land purchases on behalf of the Bespoke Villas group and we hold many building plots and agricultural lands under our ownership or within our control.


Semprinovar Lda is the licenced Real Estate and land acquisition partner company of the Bespoke Villas group of quality companies.

Our role is to provide legal real estate compliance according to the Portuguese real estate laws while facilitating land sales with construction contract obligations through our sister company, Gregorio Mendes Construction LDA.

Our specialization is land acquisition and repurposing, this means we are able to purchase some lands that would not normally be considered constructable or suitable for a normal residential planning application.

We purchase land exclusively around the Ponta do Sol and Ribeira Brava areas of Madeira.

Once a client has undertaken and reserved a project under the brands Bespoke Villas or Build Madeira, we then submit the council planning application as part of the land sale contract. Once sale conditions have been reached, the land sale is registered using our official real estate mediation AMI number 13381.

If you are interested in a land purchase and residential building project, please visit our projects marketing website.

The residential projects of offered by Bespoke Villas and Build Madeira are exclusively promoted through Madeira Hybrid Advisory LDA who deal with the international marketing of our construction projects.


The Bespoke Villas group of quality companies licenced to use the Bespoke Villas, Madeira Island and Build Madeira brands are:

Gregorio Mendes LDA

Madeira Hybrid Advisory and Consultancy Services LDA